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New Power Form!!!

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New Feature!!!

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*Congratulations to our PaPi Holiday Special Grand Winner*

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  1. Coconuts
    conut image      conuts image

    Every 500 points will give you 1 coconut in the main game. You can also earn coconuts from the mini games - 1 coconut per 150 points.

  2. Pencil Power Up
    pencil power up image

    Obtain this power up in order to transform Papi to a power form. Use the different forms to grant Papi with special abilities against the different obstacles

  3. Feather Power Up
    pencil power up image

    Grab a feather to stay in the air longer and dodge trees quicker.

  4. Arrowgloves
    arrowglove image

    Avoid these arrows so you don't get knocked out. Super Pig can punch these out of the air and Iron pig can use his rockets to shoot them for additional points

  5. Sneakie
    sneakie image      coconut leaf image

    Sneakie appears on day 3, a second after a coconut leaf falls. Avoid this by moving away, or you will be eaten whole. Bat pig can knock this off with his sonar power.

  6. Anchornet
    anchornet image anchornet image

    Very dangerous, avoid at all costs. This will pull you to the ground faster if captured. Dragon pig can burn his way out of this situation.

  7. Training Mode
    train mode image train mode image

    This is recommended for beginners. The speed is slower, you can test your tapping and swiping techniques here. Learn how to play each power form, and train hard until you are ready to help Papi on his journey.


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